Couples Counseling in Appleton

Do you feel like you are about to fall over the edge in your relationship?


Man can life as a couple can be like smooth flowing water but boy there can be rough times.  Why wasn’t there a manual in being a couple to tell me that it’s work to be in a relationship? A relationship can be a tough gig, but most likely you went into the relationship/marriage with the intention that you can work through anything and/or you don’t have “big issues” so it will be fine. Eventually you started to notice that you have disagreements/fights/arguments that weren’t getting resolved. You started to find yourself distant from your significant other. You start to find that you are leading separate lives, but maybe things seem just to being going with the flow so things are ok. This continues on. Maybe kids are in the mix. You love them to death, but boy it puts a damper on time as just a couple. There’s little time to have a relationship right?So many things can have a negative influence on a relationship.  Couples counseling can help get you back on track.

Maybe you’ve been the partner/spouse who has tried over and over again to get help, to get the partner/spouse to go to counseling or even just to simply talk about the relationship/marriage. They just don’t listen do they? Do they even care? Do they even want to be in this relationship? Do they want the family to split up? What is going on with them? Maybe they don’t want to admit there is an issue? Maybe they really, really don’t see that there is an issue? Maybe they don’t feel they/we need help? Reality is, there is an issue if one person feels like the relationship/marriage is not in a good place. It’s time to get some help and support. There are ways to get back on track and develop a healthy relationship. 

Through couples counseling in Appleton, I will help you identify what got you to where you both are at. We will work to correct the negative behaviors and create a stronger relationship potentially stronger then what you started out with. 

Symptoms that you might experience that leads you to believe there is an issue in the relationship/marriage:


Lack of intimacy

Lack of communication

Anger in communication

Agitation with each other or on one person’s part

Feeling like you are on egg shells if wanting to talk      about something

Feeling like you don’t have an opinion

     Feeling like you are the stupid one in the relationship

Feeling like you are never right

Feeling like every time you try to address something      the other person “poo poo’s” it

Feeling fear of what might happen if you have to talk

My approach to treatment:

Communication skills

Identifying root causes to the issues at hand

Identifying and targeting treatment to those specific      issues

Exploring how you each express love

Exploring what you each have been exposed to relating      to relationships

Teaching you ways to have more effective communication

Teach you how to love each other

Teach you how to respect each other again

Addressing any imbalances in the brain which may impact      your mood and how you are reacting to your significant other/spouse

Potentially adding in EMDR, Energy Psychology to      release the emotions creating the fear and stuck behaviors, nutrients as      needed to support healthy state of mind

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