Trauma Counseling in Appleton

Do you feel trapped from your trauma and PTSD experiences?

  Life is going great. Feels like life is moving along. Maybe there are some stressors in life as we all have them, but you can deal with what is on your plate. All of a sudden, you are caught off guard and your world has fallen apart. You feel like you no longer have control of your life. Life is now completely turned upside down and out of control. Maybe you were attacked, raped, were in a car accident, seen someone suffer, lost someone close to you, seen a traumatic accident or experienced time in war. No matter what your trauma/tragedy, others may struggle to understand what you are going through. Others may think that it’s taking you too long to get over it OR you are over reacting or being dramatic. People just can’t relate to your tragedy/trauma. At some point you realize that wow maybe I need to talk with someone as I’m not moving past this OR maybe what people are saying that you shouldn’t feel this way for so long could have some truth in it. 

A trauma/tragedy can truly leave you feeling like you’ve lost control over you own life. Sometimes this is a daily fear and sometimes it’s intermittent, but no matter how frequent it’s draining. It’s a fight. It’s a fear. This can make you question so many things about your strength, your worth, your value, or why did you let it happen, why couldn’t it have been different, why did it happen to me!! Trauma can lead to PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). If you feel you need help to move past a trauma and/or feel you may be struggling with PTSD then let me help you in your journey to move past the trapped feelings you have that aren’t letting you move forward. 

Symptoms you might experience with tragedy, trauma, PTSD:











Avoidance of places



Avoidance of people

Avoidance of activities

Traditional treatment for PTSD:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Exposure Therapy


My approach to trauma counseling:


Resetting energy flow by incorporating NES health      system


Energy Psychology

Nutrients and Nutrition Counseling


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