Nutrition, nutrients, supplements, and mental health? Really??? What’s the connection? Is there really a connection? Why not just take the medications the doctor prescribes as that’s easier right?! Medications have a place in the mental health world, but I believe that not everyone needs to have medications as the resource in helping them feel better. There are other ways that can help boost the mood, calm anxiety, make you feel more content. It all comes down to the basics of biology, chemistry, and your physiology.

Our bodies require certain “things” in order for the body to function at its prime ability. It’s like a car engine if you put the wrong oil in it or bad gas, it won’t work as effectively as it could or it won’t work at all. The car needs certain “things” to run and get you to places you need to go. If your car is supposed to have unleaded and you accidentally put diesel in, what’s going to happen? Well, it’s not going to run. What if your body was the same way? What if you put “things” in it that did the same thing? Well many of us do this all the time to the point where we don’t even realize we are running poorly. So what’s in the food that makes it so great of a fuel and what can make it bad? Food is made up of the basic requirements of the body in order to make it function/work effectively. Our bodies need certain vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and water in order to function at its optimal level. When the body is lacking in any of these at any level, our body tends to have glitches and over time will eventually start to develop “engine” problems from poor care. We need to feed our bodies with the ingredients/fuel it needs to run like an engine running at its prime. BUT the problem is many of us don’t even realize that we are feeding our bodies poor fuel supplies AND if we don’t realize this we can’t do anything about it. Education is key. I can help you understand what your body may need in order to work more efficiently and get you back on track towards running at your prime.

Ok, that’s all fine and dandy, but how do you know that you might have imbalances in the body and that your body is lacking in nutrients???? Sometimes, that can be a simple question to answer when we pay attention to our bodies. Sometimes it’s quite obvious something is off as we don’t feel right and/or our mood if off. If you experience any type of health issue, something is off in the body. Outside of physical and mental signs, I have lab tests that can then help us identify where some areas may be off. Call to schedule an appointment so we can discuss what is going on and see if I can help you get back on track in your health.