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What is bioenergetics and how is helpful to my mental health and wellness?


When you think about our bodies, it is amazing how they work and it all started out with a cell that just knew what to do in order to create the physical bodies we each have.  Unfortunately, our bodies aren’t always running at an optimal state as our environment influences our health both physically and emotionally.  If you didn’t realize it, our emotions/mood influence our health and can lead to physical health issues down the road.  Maybe you are one of those people who do know this first hand.  If you feel like it’s been a struggle to get your health emotionally and physically back on track, you might need a deeper level of treatment which addresses the whole body which is where bioenergetics can help.

Bioenergetics is all about the energy in the body connecting to the human body field.  The human body field is our energetic source for fueling our body with the energy it needs.  Through a system called NES Health System we can scan the body and identify in 150 different areas where energy is not flowing correctly with physical and emotional struggles.  Once the scan is done, we can work on supporting the body to regain balance. This is done through the use of the miHealth device and infoceuticals.  A miHealth device emits frequencies which help to provide the body with the information it needs to release the “stuck” energy. These are sessions done in office.  Infoceuticals are drops which help with long term work of supporting the body.  This program allows for the WHOLE person to be addressed at one time versus addressing one issue at a time.

Areas covered on a scan.

What type of issues can be addressed with the NES Health System?

· Any physical health issue you are struggling with.

· Any emotional/mood issue you are struggling with.

· If you are interested in learning more details about the program, 

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