Energy Psychology

Energy psychology can help you finally release those stuck emotions that are holding you back.

There are many modalities out there for helping to address emotional struggles.  Not one approach works for everyone.  If you feel you have tried other approaches and are still feeling your emotions are tripping you up consider energy psychology.  Energy psychology allows for a comprehensive approach to releasing emotions that are keeping you stuck and not letting you move forward in life.  

If you want to release the emotions that are holding you back from living, then this might be the right approach for you.  Through a 6 step protocol we will work through targets that are keeping you stuck.  The process entails use of muscle testing, goals, targets and meridian tapping.  This process combines a comprehensive approach to releasing trapped emotions.  

If you are curious as to where energy psychology came from, it is based out of many fields of practice such as nursing, chiropractic, physical therapy, psychology, along with the connection of the  human body field and in meridians stemming from Chinese medicine.  This is a comprehensive approach to allow for a more integrated way to releasing stuck emotions.  

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